Our History: Walton Communities 


We are pleased and excited that you have chosen to visit our website. If you are searching for apartments in metro Atlanta or Augusta, we think you'll agree that Walton apartments offer the very best in quality, comfort, style, service and amenities.

Who We are . . .
Walton Communities is a privately held company based in Marietta, Georgia. The Company develops, owns and manages apartment communities throughout metro-Atlanta and Augusta. With a heartfelt mission to serve our residents, Walton Communities is committed to providing exceptional housing at a great value in a friendly neighborhood environment.

Why We Care . . .
At Walton Communities, our goal is to provide a superior living experience. We are committed to supporting the needs of residents through exceptionally maintained communities and unique service programs. Because each of our neighborhoods is different, we provide a wide range of educational, cultural and recreational programs that are tailored to the hobbies, interests and needs of the people who live in our neighborhoods. Among the activities and programs we offer are book clubs, after-school enrichment activities for children and excursions to local events for singles, seniors and families, just to name a few.

What Makes Us Different . . .
We strive to develop real estate in a way that builds strong communities and improves quality of life. It is our hope that every neighborhood we develop conveys a special sense of place and a strong sense of belonging. Finally, we develop neighborhoods with a genuine respect for green space by preserving natural features of the land and creating opportunities for outdoor enjoyment, such as parks, courtyards and walking trails. Walton Communities develops, owns and manages the high quality, well-maintained Walton apartment communities in the suburbs of Atlanta and Augusta. We are confident that you will find the community best suited for you and a place where you and your family can feel at home.

What makes our company unique is our focus on creating a community that meets the needs of individuals and families in a community with a caring and professional staff. It is our desire to promote a sense of community, and to provide more than just another place to live. The company was named "Walton" after the television program, The Waltons. The Walton family represented the kind of tightly knit, traditional community that we hope our communities will become. If you have a need, just call us - we are here to help.

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