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Affordable Application Documentation

Affordable Application Documentation

Thank you for your interest in our community. Our community participates in a variety of affordable programs. In order for our community to remain in compliance with these programs, the relevant documents below will be required to complete your application. Please note, not all documents are relevant to all applicants. Once an application is started, you will have up to two business days to submit this documentation. Please be sure these documents are readily available prior to beginning your application. Please call any time if you have any questions about our community or the application process. 

Listed below are items that you will need to complete your application.


  • Government Issued Photo ID: Driver’s License, DMV Issued Photo ID, Passport, Military ID
  • Social Security Cards: For the ENTIRE household (or Tax ID)
  • Minors:  Birth Certificate
  • Proof of Citizenship Status
  • Marriage License (If you are married)
  • Divorce Decree & Settlement or letter from lawyer of intent to divorce (If you are divorced or are getting divorced)
  • Separation Papers (If you are legally separated)
  • Death Certificate (If you are widowed)
Income & Employment


  • Employer Information: Including but not limited to:  Company, title, address, phone, email, & fax number for HR, and 6 most recent consecutive paystubs (If your company uses The Work Number, get your company code so you can get the report by calling or online)
  • Verification of Fixed Income:  Social Security Benefits Awards Letter, Pension/ Retirement/Unemployment Awards Letter (All dated within 120 days of move in)
  • Court Ordered Child Support Verification (Get a print out of the court order from the child support website)
  • Self-Employed or paid cash:
  • If 2+ years: Last 2 years tax transcripts from IRS
  • If less than 2 years: Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Letter and Profit & Loss Statement. CPA will provide a 12 month projected income.


  • Mortgage Information (Past and Present, if you own or have owned a home): Including:  closing documents, lender’s name & phone, mortgage account, dates, tax record
  • Checking: 6 months Statements, Branch Name, and Amount
  • Savings: 1 Current, Branch Name, and Amount

Other Assets:

  • Stocks, Bonds, Savings Certificates, Money market funds, and other investments
  • Equity in real property or other capital investments (for example, rental property that you own).
  • Contributions to company retirement/pension funds that can be withdrawn without retiring or terminating employment.
  • IRA, 401K, Keogh and similar retirement savings account statement(s), even though withdrawal would result in a penalty.
  • Assets which, although owned by more than one person, allow unrestricted access by the applicant.
  • Lump sum receipts such as inheritances, capital gains, lottery winnings, insurance settlements, and other claims
  • The cash value of trusts that are available to the household.
  • Personal property held as an investment, such as gems, jewelry, coin collections, antique cars, etc.
  • Assets disposed of for less than fair market value
  • Whole Life Insurance Cash Value
  • Social Security Debit Card /Child Support Debit Card
  • Payroll Debit Card
  • Cash on Hand