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Affordable Qualifications

At Walton Communities, you'll experience the highest standards in affordable living. Please review the detailed information below when considering one of our affordable communities.

1. All applicants must pass both a criminal background and credit check to qualify.
2. Households comprised of all full-time students are not eligible to participate in the affordable program unless they meet one of the 5 exemptions as defined by HUD. (Applicants may not have, nor anticipate being, a full-time student for any part of 4 months out of the current calendar year).
3. Birth Certificates (or other HUD approved documentation) will be required in order to include dependents in total household number and, therefore, to determine your income bracket.
4. No more than 2 individuals per bedroom are allowed. The apartment must be the family’s primary residence.
5. Roommates: No more than three unrelated adults shall be allowed to rent or reside in an individual unit. Each married person shall count separately when determining the number of unrelated adults for purposes of this policy. “Adult” means an individual eighteen (18) years or older. Separate applications are required for all adult applicants. The income requirement of two and a half (2.5) times the monthly rent can be met by combining the gross incomes. 
6. Pets are allowed with certain restrictions and with a $400 Pet Deposit (up to $125 refundable) and a $20.00 monthly Pet Fee.
1. Current government issued photo ID
2. Social Security cards or tax ID for all household members
3. Birth certificates for all minors
4. Court orders for child support, divorce decrees, etc
5. Proof of all income including Social Security Award letters, Pension Award letters, pay stubs, etc
6. You may be asked for checking and savings account statements and info, 401k information, etc
Each community requires a minimum income of 2.5 times monthly rent for affordable housing apartments. Housing Choice Voucher Holders [Section 8] are only required to make 1.5x rent. Gross income will be used including anticipated income for the year, child support, etc. Gross income is defined as your total income before taxes and deductions. The applicant’s household Gross Annual Income may not exceed the Income Limits as established by HUD and listed below.

*Walton Renaissance on Henderson does not have a minimum income requirement.

Income maximums by property:

Walton Village – The Legacy at Walton Village
# of Occupants Max. Annual Income
1 $44,760
2 $51,120
3 $57,540
4 $63,900
5 $69,060
6 $74,160

Walton Oaks & The Legacy at Walton Oaks -  Walton Green & The Legacy at Walton Green
# of Occupants Max. Annual Income
1 $32,760
2 $37,440
3 $42,120
4 $46,800
5 $50,580
6 $54,300

Walton Ridge – Legacy at Walton Park – Legacy at Walton Heights - Legacy at Walton Overlook - Legacy at Walton Mill - Legacy at Walton Lakes – Legacy at Walton Village Mountain View - Walton Reserve - Walton Ridenour - Legacy at Walton Ridge - The Legacy at Walton Trail
# of Occupants Max. Annual Income
1 $42,900
2 $49,020
3 $55,140
4 $62,260
5 $66,180
6 $71,100

Walton Summit & The Legacy at Walton Summit - Walton Habor
# of Occupants Max. Annual Income
1 $36,720
2 $42,000
3 $47,220
4 $52,440
5 $56,640
6 $60,840

Walton Renaissance on Henderson -
# of Occupants Max. Annual Income
1 $35,750
2 $40,850

*Incomes subject to change. The above income limits are an example of the programs available. Please contact the leasing team at the community directly for detailed information. 
Applications may be submitted online via the property website or in the property leasing office. All in person applications will be accepted for consideration during regular office hours. A preliminary review of the application will be made to determine whether:

• The application is complete.
• Credit references, rental history and supporting documents have been provided.
• The application satisfies the LIHTC requirements of eligibility and Management’s underwriting criteria for eligibility.
Prospective residents will be selected in accordance with applicable Federal Regulations. Selection criteria is based on, but not limited to, an ability to provide the following:

• Applicant must be age 55 or older for communities designated as “Active Adult”
• Applicant must be age 62 or older for Walton Renaissance on Henderson, Legacy at Walton Bluegrass and Legacy at Walton Ridge
• Must have verifiable employment or some form of verifiable income (Social Security, Child Support, Pension, etc.)
• A demonstrated ability to make timely payments
• Comments from at least two landlords showing a history of properly maintaining the rental apartment
• Information concerning prior housing history, but not limited to tenancy termination for fraud and/or a failure to cooperate with re-certification procedures
• Good credit references
• A demonstrated ability to maintain present housing in a safe and sanitary condition (which could be verified by a home visit)
• Family size appropriate for available apartment size
• Birth certificates, social security numbers and other legal documentation as requested
• A demonstrated ability to live independently
• Police criminal record check
• Information concerning illegal drug use and/or activity by all household members
• Applicant's ability to understand and agree, in writing, that upon execution of the Lease Agreement and all attached Addendums these documents shall be binding contractual obligations between the parties