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Last week, the partners of Walton Communities cleared their schedules to attend to some very important work — spending time with the children in the Adventure Center at Walton Village. Walton enjoys a unique partnership with Parents with a Purpose, a non-profit, faith-based organization that provides the after-school enrichment and summer camp programs at the Adventure Centers located at Walton Village, Walton Reserve, Walton Ridenour and Walton Crossing. This program is offered to resident children in K-5th grade free of charge. The parents donate a monthly snack each month and some volunteer their time in the Centers, as well. There, the children receive a warm, welcoming hug when they get home from school, homework help and special tutoring through partnerships with KSU and others, a curriculum designed to help kids learn while having fun, field trips to lots of fun and exciting destinations and much, much more.

On the day of the visit, the kids in the Center were so excited to meet the business owners who have such a huge heart for the children in the communities. The day's events included allowing the partners to experience a typical day in the Center — everything from reading to the children to helping with homework, helping with a science lab and enjoying praise and worship time with them — it was a blessing to all. During their visit, the experienced that it takes Directors, coaches and Advisors all working together to make the program the amazing success that it is. Through this partnership, kids' lives are being changed for the better — all while they are having the time of their lives!

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