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The Legacy at Walton Park, our newest senior adult community in Acworth, is over 90% leased and recently had a Grand Opening attended by over 100 neighbors, officials and residents. It is likely that within days they will achieve the coveted 100% occupancy well ahead of schedule. But that — as impressive as it is — is not the real story here. The most compelling thing we at Walton will remember is not that statistical achievement, but the story you are about to read.

Ms. K,  a new resident in the community is blind. She hasn't been blind all of her life. She became blind as an adult, and this is the first time she has lived alone. She was terrified of being confined to her apartment and not at all sure about the prospect of living on her own, surrounded by strangers. The team at the Legacy at Walton Park reached out to her and not only invited her to their first community brunch, but went out of their way to go and get her to make sure she came. It wasn't long before she found herself surrounded by friends — no longer strangers. Her new friends check on her daily, take her to pick up her mail, sit outside with her and take her on long walks around Acworth.

Ms. K loves the beautiful gardens at the Legacy at Walton Park. How does she know they are beautiful? Her friends take the time to describe to her the bright colors of the blossoming plants of spring, the new green shoots of the landscape and the water as it plays in the fountain. After all, that's what friends are for, and that's what being a neighbor is all about. And that is why Walton wants to create neighborhoods where people thrive. It makes all the difference.

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