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The sky is just a little bit bluer, the air just a little bit crisper, the leaves on the trees are turning bright yellow, red and orange and everyone is in the mood to celebrate…it's fall…the perfect time for a festival!

Last Saturday, hundreds of residents from many Walton communities gathered at Walton Village for a glorious day of fun for all ages at our annual Fall Festival. It had everything you'd expect to find at a fall festival — crisp caramel apples, cotton candy, funnel cakes, grilled corn on the cob, hot dogs, pony rides, a petting zoo, a live bluegrass band and a wide variety of festival games and prizes. There was something for all ages to enjoy. Have you ever bowled with a pumpkin? Gone fishing for prizes?Brushed a miniature Scotch Highlander cow? How beautiful it was to see residents greeting one another, giving and getting hugs and having such fun watching the children play games! And, as only a true community would do, everyone sang Happy Birthday to Mrs. Margaret Green, who turned 97 years old that day. (She thanked us for giving her such a great birthday party!).

People gathering together, sharing good times, encouraging one another, laughing together (and sometimes crying together), helping one another, seeing one another…all of things make up a neighborhood, and make each of us glad to be alive. Fred Rogers (of Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood fame) may have said it best: "The connections we make in the course of a life — maybe that's what heaven is." You're right, Mr. Rogers. Connecting with our neighbors is important, and a Fall Festival is just the beginning!


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