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Jeff Mosley, the new principal at Dunleith Elementary School in Marietta, is a powerball of excitement and energy, and all of it is focused on making his students successful in school and in life.


After a knock at the door of the leasing office at Walton Village “accidentally” gained him access to a meeting being held there to discuss programs and services for residents, he quickly became an active part of the group, as the discussion turned toward how to help kids succeed in school. The excitement in the room was tangible as the management team, local church leaders and the school principal began to dream of ways the community and the school could work together.


“I love learning. I love students. I love kids,” Mosley said. “I come from a family of genuine caring and support, and that’s what I want to do here – give back to the community. That’s always been my life’s work, and I’m going to keep doing it until I can’t do it anymore.”


Following that meeting, an excited Walton Village team was anxious to show their support to their school and their new friend. So, the entire leasing team, along with Adventure Center staff members and a few other Walton team members, gathered at Marietta High School to surprise teachers following a pre-school year pep rally. While the band played and teachers exited the building, everyone held signs and cheered them on. In a reciprocal gesture, 15 teachers from Dunleith (along with Mr. Mosley) paid a visit to Walton Village on the Saturday before school began for the purpose of meeting kids and parents and letting them know how excited they are about the upcoming school year.


With everyone working together…parents, kids, teachers, administrators, Adventure Center staff members, other community members and the Walton Village team, we know that this school year will be one to remember. THIS will be the year that parents get more involved. THIS will be the year that student literacy levels soar. THIS will be the year that we all realize that it really does take a Village to raise a child!

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