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One major focus at Walton Communities is providing enriching life experiences for our residents. Yesterday, over 300 senior adult residents of fourteen of our communities experienced a special luncheon in their honor, giving them both a time of fun and fellowship, but also an event that they will remember for a long time to come.

The 3rd Annual Legacy Luncheon was a perfect example of community coming together for a common cause. Piedmont Church in Marietta provided their wonderful facility, Milford Baptist Church, First Baptist Church of Smyrna and Orange Hill Baptist Church provided buses and/or drivers to transport residents to the event, and Walton team members gathered to serve these special folks. Entertainment was provided by Bill Gleason, who charmed the crowd with his Sinatra-style singing voice, and Mt. Paran Christian School sent ten of their handsome young men to dance with our ladies. And dance they did! The joy in the room was tangible, and it was such fun to see so many smiles and hugs and lots and lots of laughter. Once the music began, there was no holding them back — walkers were pushed aside to allow more freedom to dance for the sheer joy of it, and we watched as the years melted away and the senior adults were teenagers once again.

The room was beautifully decorated, letting residents know, "We knew you were coming, and we cared." Upon arrival at the event, residents were greeted at the door by Walton's owners, and special recognition was given to seven residents who are over 90 years of age — the oldest being 98! Everyone truly enjoyed themselves. One resident commented, "Living at Walton keeps you young!" Another said, "This is my forever home."

Celebrating life together, helping one another, serving one another and caring about one another is what makes a community a family. And we ARE family! Welcome home!

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