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2017 is now history. Was it a good year for you? A bad year? Regardless of how you view it, it is certain that everyone had both good things and not-so-good things happen in the course of the year. Some welcomed new members of their families — either by birth or by marriage. Some overcame a health issue. Some enjoyed a promotion or got a great new job. On the flip side, some lost loved ones. Some suffered health issues. Some had business setbacks or lost a job.

The question is…if you have faced a disappointment, how did you handle it? Did you let it defeat you or did you Make It Better? With a brand new year before us, we all look forward to bigger and better things. We make resolutions about how we are going to look better, feel better, be better. That's okay, but how have you actually planned to make things better? If you had a failure in your life, have you thought about where you went wrong and set a plan in motion so as not to repeat that again? If you are looking for a new or better job, how are you going about it? Do you need to hone your skills so that you can snag that great job or are you just hoping you'll get it anyway? Do you have some fences to mend with friends or family members?

What about in your community? How are you Making it Better there? Are you involved? Do you know your neighbors? Are you taking advantage of opportunities offered to you? Are you a good neighbor? Not so many years ago, when a new neighbor moved in next door, you baked them a pie and knocked on their door to introduce yourself and to welcome them. You don't have to bake a pie, but it's still a great idea to introduce yourself to your neighbors and get to know them. You might even make a new friend.

In the end, it's everyone's job to Make it Better. And that starts today, and it happens each and every day. It starts with knowing your neighbors, with giving grace if someone cuts you off in traffic, with helping your kids with their homework and with spending time reading to them at night, with taking a walk in the evening, with having dinner with your family, with giving someone the benefit of the doubt if you feel they've wronged you, and even with forgiving yourself if you've made a huge mistake — then learning from it and moving on.

Let's all vow to not just make resolutions that we will surely break, but to truly Make it Better in 2018!

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