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Summer means getting outdoors, having crazy fun, spending time with friends and making memories. While some kids dream of going to Disney World, others who are "in the know" dream of something much more fun, much more long-lasting…and much closer to home.

This summer, nearly 200 of our kids are attending WinShape Camps for Communities, a day cam right here in our own community. For many years, Walton Communities has provided scholarships to kids to attend the WinShape overnight camps, but for many kids, even a scholarship was not enough to get them to camp. The day camp experience makes it possible for many more kids to participate in camp by bringing it to their own neighborhood.

The WinShape Camp experience is unique, to say the least. They've staffed themselves with what they call "the greatest staff on the planet" — passionate, energetic, talented and committed young men and women who are focused on impacting campers through service, leadership and fun. And those camp counselors do make an impact — one that lasts. The bond that is forged during their week with the children is something that will never be forgotten

So, what happens at WinShape Camp? Did you ever shoot an arrow, climb a rock wall, play basketball, sing songs, row a canoe and toast marshmallows all in the same day? Well, for these campers, that's not the half of it! This program combines sports, recreation, arts, recreation and more all into one incredible week. With core values based on integrity, excellence, servant leadership, teamwork and stewardship, their goal is to impact generations by giving them the summer of a lifetime. It's serious play hard, work hard, laugh till your stomach hurts, sleep hard and wake up tomorrow and do it all over again…FUN!

As the kids boarded the bus to leave for camp, there was excitement and anticipation in the air. The veterans were filling the newbies in on what to expect and telling them how much fun they were about to have. What more could you want from a camp? Tons of fun and a summer of life-changing awesomeness. In the words of one camper, "I would tell any kid that WinShape is better than Disney."

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